Who Are You People?

We're a four-piece groovy-ish / post-hardcore-ish / mathrock-ish (idk, you be the judge) band from the Detroit, Michigan area.

Our first EP, 'Sweet Talk' was released in September 2017 and features five instrumental tracks. The original intention while writing and forming this band was to have vocals, but we wanted to find the perfect fit. We recorded instrumentals, but the stars didn’t align with a vocalist in the process. Rather than waiting, we’ve released an album we’re proud of – though we’re interested in adding vocals in the future. So If you're a vocalist and think you'd be a good fit please contact us here!

We love playing music and will continue to release new groovy tunes to share with you. We hope you like the jams, and thanks for checking us out!

Christian Bridges


Brandon Coulter


Bradley Lockhart